Asbestos Cement Pipe Initial and Refresher Training

Wangerin Environmental is approved by Cal/OSHA to offer asbestos cement (AC) pipe training. The disturbance (including cutting and removal) of AC pipe is Class II Work under the OSHA asbestos standard for the construction industry. Rather than the normal Class II training requirement of eight hours, Cal/OSHA allows a four-hour initial course and a two-hour annual refresher course for those only disturbing AC pipe (and not conducting other Class II Work.)

Important: Cal/OSHA requires all employers disturbing more than 100 square feet of Asbestos-Containing Construction Material (ACCM) to be registered with the Cal/OSHA Asbestos Contractors’ Registration Unit (ACRU). The only exception to that registration requirement is if an employer has employees attend a Cal/OSHA approved AC pipe four-hour training course and maintain the training with annual two-hour refresher courses. This exception to Cal/OSHA registration only includes the disturbance of AC pipe outdoors.

Wangerin Environmental offers Cal/OSHA-approved initial (four-hour) and refresher (two-hour) AC pipe training courses on a contract basis. Please contact Wangerin Environmental directly at or 925-825-1066 for specific pricing and scheduling of contract courses.