This four to eight-hour course is designed to meet the OSHA (29 CRF 1926.62) and Cal/OSHA (8 CCR 1532.1) training requirements for employees who might be exposed over the “Action Level” for airborne lead or conduct “trigger activities.” Trigger activities include disturbing lead by paint preparation work (sanding or scraping), manual demolition of lead-containing materials, grinding off lead, and welding or torch cutting of lead containing surfaces. (Additional trigger activities are listed in the regulations.)

The regulations provide a list of specific topics that must be discussed. These include information about the regulations, the health effects of lead, respiratory and personal protection requirements, and specific work practice techniques that reduce exposure to lead. This course will take approximately four hours for employees who already have respiratory protection training and some experience working with environmental hazards. An eight-hour course may be necessary for employees with little or no relevant previous training or experience in environmental work practices.

Please contact Wangerin Environmental directly at or 925-825-1066 for help determining the appropriate training and length of course for your employees and specific pricing and scheduling of contract courses.