OSHA Class III Asbestos Initial and Refresher Course Training

OSHA (29 CFR 1926.1101), and Cal/OSHA (8 CCR 1529) require all employees who may disturb small amounts of asbestos to have training equivalent to the EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Sixteen-hour Operations and Maintenance Training for Asbestos course. Wangerin Environmental can provide a full sixteen-hour course for those employers who expect employees to conduct significant disturbance of asbestos such as by using glovebags and mini-enclosure removal systems, or conduct other significant types of Class III work.

However, OSHA will allow a “competent” person to determine if training other than the full sixteen-hour course may appropriate for workers conducting different types of tasks. Wangerin Environmental can provide that competent person to determine appropriate training for the type of work the employees will perform. This training is often provided in four to six hours rather than sixteen hours. For example, this type of training may be appropriate for employees whose disturbance of asbestos is limited to conducting minimal tasks such as removing a few floor tiles or drilling or cutting holes through gypsum board with asbestos-containing joint compound.

Wangerin Environmental works with clients to determine what is the most appropriate level of training to provide the clients’ employees. Employees conducting only limited disturbance such as by drilling, cutting, or removing very small sections may only need a four to six-hour course. Or it may be appropriate to provide the full sixteen-hour course referenced in the OSHA regulation.

Regardless of the length of the initial course, OSHA regulations require annual “refresher” course training. Annual “refresher” course training is normally between three and four hours in length depending on the work the employees perform.

Please contact Wangerin Environmental directly at TomWangerin@gmail.com or 925-825-1066 for more information about whether this course is appropriate for your employees and for specific pricing and scheduling of contract courses.