The EPA’s Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires sixteen hours of training for school employees who may disturb small amounts of asbestos in K-12 schools. This course includes the information provided in the awareness course, but then adds fourteen additional hours which include instruction and hands-on practice in specific techniques used to disturb small amounts of asbestos. Wangerin Environmental tailors this course to our client’s needs so students learn the work practices they are expected to use in their workplace.

This course is required for K-12 school maintenance personnel who want to disturb small amounts of asbestos such as by removing a few floor tiles or by drilling or cutting into asbestos-containing wall or ceiling systems. This training is also required by OSHA for “Class III Asbestos Work” done by employees anywhere (not just K-12 schools). However, OSHA allows some exceptions for the full sixteen-hour course for those not working in K-12 schools. Please see the course description for “OSHA Class III Asbestos Initial and Refresher Course Training” to learn more about those options.

Please contact Wangerin Environmental directly at or 925-825-1066 for more information about whether this course is appropriate for your employees and for specific pricing and scheduling of contract courses.