Two-hour Asbestos Awareness Training (OSHA Class IV Training)

This course meets EPA and OSHA’s requirements for training maintenance and custodial personnel who may come in contact with asbestos-containing materials, but who are not expected to disturb the material. This course teaches the employees how to avoid disturbing asbestos during their regular work activities. This course also is useful for standard construction or specialty contractor employees who are required to work around asbestos-containing materials. OSHA requires this training to be repeated on an annual basis.

Course topics include but are not limited to: asbestos and its uses in products, health effects of asbestos, avoiding damaging asbestos-containing products, how to recognize and respond to damaged products. Additional topics such as floor maintenance techniques and brake and clutch work are discussed when appropriate for the client.

Please contact Wangerin Environmental directly at or 925-825-1066 for more information about whether this course is appropriate for your employees and for specific pricing and scheduling of contract courses.