Wangerin Environmental (WE) provides a variety of courses to meet Cal/OSHA, OSHA, EPA, and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) requirements. WE can help you determine the training your employees need to work safely and comply with the applicable regulations. WE can also develop specialized courses for clients with special training needs.

     WE does not provide scheduled, open to the public courses. All our courses are on a contract basis. WE normally provides training at our clients’ facilities. While WE can provide training for individuals on an emergency basis, our training is usually only cost competitive if at least five or more students are taking a course.

     Prices for training depend on a variety of factors including class size and training location. Please contact Wangerin Environmental to discuss your specific training needs.

Why choose Wangerin Environmental for your training needs?

  • Tom Wangerin may be the best known and respected environmental trainer in California. He is the director and main instructor in the internationally renowned UC Berkeley Asbestos and Lead Training Program ( Wangerin Environmental (WE) contract training clients have access to most of the same course materials that have made the UC Berkeley training so well respected. As a private training provider he has trained hundreds of satisfied students and employers.
  • WE training is interactive. WE uses state-of-the-art audience electronic feedback tools that keep students interested and the instructor informed as to how well the information is being learned. Most courses feature the use of the MERIDIA Audience Response System where students have small handheld remotes on which they respond to instructor questions. The information provided by the students is then instantly consolidated and electronically displayed within a PowerPoint presentation.
  • WE uses real life case studies of problems, legal cases, and building owner or contractor dilemmas to illustrate technical and often difficult to understand regulations and work practices. Presentations are lively and present routine information in an exciting, unusual fashion.